Saturday, November 6, 2010

My problem with beverages.

Periodically, I will realize that the majority of what I'm drinking is only one type of beverage. When I was running cross country, I drank a ton of Gatorade. During the summer I more or less only drink water. Last winter I drank mostly tea, due partly to Michigan chill and partly to my affinity for hot beverages which involve boiling water and pretty containers for preparation. There have even been times when I catch myself drinking nothing but milk, and all of those options are pretty harmless and perhaps even beneficial.

About a month ago I found myself drinking only coffee, which has happened before but not quite to this extent. I would have some before school or work, more at school or work, and accompanying lunch or dinner or whatever meal happened to be next. It was also my main means of social interaction. I am nearly  always willing to meet friends for coffee. I will even meet people who are not friends for coffee. It was after a day like this when I finished off an entire pot of coffee by myself while studying in the evening that I decided I should probably adjust my intake.

I did very well until this week, and actually even did well this week until this morning, when my awesome boyfriend who lives an hour away met me in our hometown and took me to the ineffable Roxy Cafe for breakfast. I, of course, ordered coffee for my beverage and then proceeded to allow the coffee girls to fill up my mug each time they offered.

I justified a cup of gas station coffee on the ride back due to the obscene hour during which I'd be driving home, and then made some when I got here. I am currently enjoying one perfect cup of coffee with just the right amount of cream and zero sugar, which is how I prefer my coffee on any given day. Again, I find that I should adjust my intake.

Enjoy my MS Paint representation of coffee drinkers:
I worry that I am a slave to coffee, and therefore a masochist because I love coffee. It has some beauty beyond its its lovely taste due to the connection it establishes between people, but the way that everyone assumes that everyone else drinks and/or needs coffee does kind of put me off. Yet I enjoy it too much to actually give it up or take any sort of stand against those who refer to it as "my coffee," or "your coffee (i.e. "Don't talk to me. I haven't had my coffee yet," or "How would you like your coffee?" when coffee has not even been ordered.). 

This being said, I suppose we should all be grateful that I'm not yet 21 and able to fall into phases of only drinking alcohol.

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  1. Ha ha! Won't THAT be amusing? Daiquiris are currently the dominant evening beverage choice in our house. Yum!

    Very insightful by the way. Really made me think, which I suppose is a quality of a great blog post.