Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bonfire sunrises.

Bonfires are some of my favorite things, and the ones that last all night are even higher on my favorites list. I enjoy stars, and I enjoy sky, and most of all I enjoy the dawn. The moment just before you see the sun, when you can see that glow so similar to an afterglow but just the opposite, feels like it builds for so much longer at sunrise than its dusky evening counterpart.

Morning has a certain tension that night lacks, suggesting the unknown. From there, the chill can only go away, but at night it settles. Sunsets might feature colors that are nearly always beautiful, but they're often no more than pleasant endings to bitter days. Even though the aesthetics of sunrises are kind of hit-or-miss, I haven't seen one without that feeling of promise.

I think we all need more sunrises.  

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