Monday, November 15, 2010


I wonder when exactly people stopped entertaining themselves and were more content to sit and be entertained by other things. More importantly, I wonder how. Mostly, though, I am just thoroughly disappointed with the way I spend my time and am in some way vowing to be a better human being (via blog, ironically enough.)


  1. Blogging is the perfect means to that noble end.

  2. I blame parents, for the most part. Parents didn't want to hear us they put lil' toys that spun and made gentle noises above our cribs. They didn't want to teach us how to use our imagination (and it is a teachable thing) so they bought us copious amounts of toys. They wanted to keep us quiet and still, so they taught us the comfort of television. Instead of thinking of entertaining themselves, they're taught they need to be entertained.

    Even I have to be idle for a few minutes before I realize I'd much rather be doing something else. Meditation for me is the key to remaining fresh, and inventive. Listening to my body for one: body might want a walk or some air, which leads to me getting outside which leads to other forms of discovery (or being social).

    Granted, we all can change, but developmentally it's very difficult to do so when patterns are established before we have a say in the matter.

    Furthermore, I hate cable television. Even what little I enjoy watching - Smallville, Food Network, History Channel - I could easily sacrifice it. Not to mention, that's a rather big bill that could be better spent elsewhere.