Monday, December 6, 2010


When I talk lately, all I ever seem to voice is my own opinion, a story involving myself or how I feel about something. It makes me feel terribly selfish when I catch myself, but what else do I know well enough to talk about? I don't even know myself very well, but talking about myself kind of helps me sort through it enough to start keeping bits and pieces for good, and maybe notice other parts that need some change. I don't like to assume that I know how another person will take information, and I suspect that acting on this may end up making me seem more flighty than I am.

Selfish feelings aside, what more do we have than our selves? Do we even have those? We, as individuals, are excessively fickle. Our feelings are temporary, we shift friends, jobs, homes and opinions. We lavish our infatuation on people while it lasts, but even love -or maybe what we mistake for it- runs in fits and riddles and is often overlooked and pushed aside. Is it anything we can recognize?

I feel like love itself is simpler than we think it is and what we make it out to be. It may just be that basic thing which connects people, and the prospect of that connection is within everyone.

I haven't quite wrestled away my coffee addiction, especially considering that it's finals week. It has been noted, however, that coffee does not equal sleep.

On that note, I'll get back to actual work.

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