Wednesday, October 19, 2011


After no posts for about three months, I'm going to resurrect my blog yet again. It is FALL in Michigan, and that means days filled with golden leaves, intensely blue skies, brisk wind and sunshine quickly followed by days where the sky is so gray and thick that you can gaze at the pale circle that is the sun without any injury and then go on to expect lots of rain. You get to watch the leaves that were crunching under your feet a few days ago decompose and get washed away while the leaves that were green on the trees are becoming the new golden ones.

Here is a crappy webcam photo of pretty autumn light that EVEN WAS APPARENT INDOORS. My wishlist has a digital camera on it, since my trusty old one from high school seems to have passed away for good. 

I've been doing a lot of knitting but not a lot of completing those projects, usually because I find more to start. Right now I'm working on a beautiful green cardigan (my first cardigan for an adult! :D), a grey cabled wool scarf, some light blue mittens with rose-pink trim, and a pair of pink socks. I end up starting new projects constantly because I forget to bring along the one that had already been started. So when I went to Jackson, I had forgotten the cardigan and so I began the mittens, and I accidentally forgot them there at my mom's house and wound up at my boyfriend's house without my cardigan but WITH some needles and grey yarn in the car, which is how the scarf came to be . . . and the socks have just been waiting to be finished for a while, because I suffer from second-sock-syndrome and rarely even get around to completing the first sock as soon as I should.

I've also had two really nasty colds that have been going around, the first one centering on extreme throat discomfort and this second one just on general head-stuffiness and fogginess. As soon as I recovered from the first, this one set in.

My mom and big brother met me in Ann Arbor for a visit on Sunday, the one day of health I've enjoyed this past week, and we went to our favorite Irish pub and got some delightful fare for lunch. We then managed to get my brother into this pretty feminine bookstore/tearoom that my mom and I like, where he went on to loudly discuss the silliness of the bumper stickers that were for sale there. It was so much fun and I loved seeing them!

All in all, it's been a good week, just a cold-oriented one. I'll post pictures of any finished knitting once it occurs. :)


  1. I want to knit more too! I'm so bad about finishing projects I start though, I have about 3 different embroidery projects going, lol.

  2. I feel like we're in the same boat! I actually had a pair of other mittens that were in progress turn up, so I at least finished ONE thing, but I still have that whole other list haha. Ooh well, we'll get them finished. It's almost gift season after all!