Thursday, October 28, 2010


One blustery autumn evening, there was a girl sitting at her desk with a cup of tea. She had just lit a eucalyptus-scented candle and was daydreaming about flying kites. The task of finishing a math assignment kept her vaguely engaged, but most of her energy was directed at keeping a young orange cat from curling up on the paper she was writing on. A nearby laptop was playing some wondrous music by the former band of her ex-boyfriend's brother, and soon she gave up on keeping the cat off of her notebook and began to use the computer instead.

A friend procrastinating in a similar fashion told her over an instant message that blogs were a good form of further procrastination. The girl bitterly remembered a time long ago when she had begun a blog and failed at keeping it up, and then thought brightly to herself that she should take this opportunity to start another one; new and greatly improved. Not only would this give her an excuse to stop battling the cat and doing homework, but she could take it as a challenge, perhaps even update regularly, and prevail.

Thus, this blog was born.

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  1. Inspiring and very true.

    I have enjoyed blogging ever so much since I started doing it again.